-when your a sports photographer use nothing less than a 70-200 mm

-wide lenses are for landscapes

-to get a nice photo with a wide lens you have to be in a tigh area

-standard lens is 35-85 mm

-kit lens come in packs

-telephoto lens is 85-300 mm

– telephoto lens gets you closer without having to get so close

-telephoto compresses distance

– fisheye lenses give a 180° field of view 

-Wide angles give an expansive view

-you need to get close to get a good picture with a wide angled lens

-wide angled lenses give an expansive view

-standard lenses can get all the way down to a medium telephoto

-prime lenses just offer 35-50mm

-a fast  lens is usually one that has an aperture of f/4, f/2.8, or larger

-wide lens which distort perspective and make things look separate

-telephoto lens are great for sports

-macro lens are for small things

– for architecture you use a tilt-shift lens

-telephoto lens are god for making far things like the moon look nice and clsoe

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