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Pop Art

Pop art is a form h photography that brings out trends and bright colors. This would be considered pop art because it has bright colors that contrast each other and have to do with something trendy (our school mascot).


I think my photo came out really good, and kind of looks like a fantasy land. Like something you would almost see in a dream. The clouds on the lower half, have like lavender tint to it, which I feel like gives it a little depth. The lavender also gives it the dreamy feel. I also really like how the clouds fade on the top. Also I feel lie the green in the grass really contrast with the dirt. I also feel like how low the clouds sit give it a dreamy feel, because they aren’t like that in person.


-when your a sports photographer use nothing less than a 70-200 mm

-wide lenses are for landscapes

-to get a nice photo with a wide lens you have to be in a tigh area

-standard lens is 35-85 mm

-kit lens come in packs

-telephoto lens is 85-300 mm

– telephoto lens gets you closer without having to get so close

-telephoto compresses distance

– fisheye lenses give a 180° field of view 

-Wide angles give an expansive view

-you need to get close to get a good picture with a wide angled lens

-wide angled lenses give an expansive view

-standard lenses can get all the way down to a medium telephoto

-prime lenses just offer 35-50mm

-a fast  lens is usually one that has an aperture of f/4, f/2.8, or larger

-wide lens which distort perspective and make things look separate

-telephoto lens are great for sports

-macro lens are for small things

– for architecture you use a tilt-shift lens

-telephoto lens are god for making far things like the moon look nice and clsoe

Raw Vs. Jpeg

So when filming in Raw one of the downsides is that it takes up more file space. However, to contradict that, when in raw the image quality is significantly better. With that, raw brings out more of the natural shadows and highlights. Also with filming in raw, you are getting the unedited version of things that are all natural.

Filming in jpeg comes with its advantages, one of the advantages is that the file doesn’t take up as must storage as raw. With its upside, it does have negatives. When filming in jpeg, they somewhat edit the photo. They process through a white balance. Overall, most photographers chose to film in raw to have the best image quality.


Jenifer Garcia playing an intense 2 v 2 tennis game at Jurupa Hills High School .
Howard Lee passing the ball to his teammate Reggie Ronald during practice at Jurupa Hills High School.
Josue Almerez pondering on who to pass the basketball to, during practice at Jurupa Hills .

White Balance

White balance has to occur when something looks discolored. It helps make things look more natural . When you picture looks too green you add magenta. When its too red you add cyan. And when its too blue you add yellow. A lot of times when someone is too blue, you can hold your hand up too the picture and tell. When someone is green however, they just happen to look sick.